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The street number comes first followed by the street name then the suite number.

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Q: What comes first the suite number or the street number?
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Should a semicolon or comma be used after street name and before suite number?

Quadrangle Street Suite 360

What is first line of address?

The first line of an address is composed of the street address. The second line is used for any apartment or suite number.

When addressing a letter does the Suite number come before or after the street address?


How do you include the suite number in an address?

There are two ways to include the suite number in an address. One way is to place it on its own line immediately before or after the line with the street address. The other way is to put the suite number at the end of the address line. Either way, it should be identified as "Suite" or "Ste." so that the postal carrier can tell it is a suite number.

If the suite number does not fit on the address line should it be on the line above or the line below?

A suite or apartment number would be placed on the line below the primary street address. According to FRANK'S COMPULSIVE GUIDE TO POSTAL ADDRESSES: In cases where the street name and number might be too long (e.g. for a database field, or for an automatic reader), any part of this line that denotes a sub-part of the main address (e.g. an apartment or suite number) can or should be put on a separate line above the street name and number.

What is the location of the Federal Signal headquarters?

The location of the Federal Signal headquarters is in Oak Brook, Illinois. The street address is 1415 West 22nd Street. The number of the suite it is in is 1100.

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When addressing an envelope with a street number and apartment number which line comes first Street or Apt?

THIS INFORMATION IS FROMbusinessmail101Name or attention line:JANE L MILLERCompany:MILLER ASSOCIATESDelivery address:1960 W CHELSEA AVE STE 2006City, state, ZIP Code:ALLENTOWN PA 18104Here's the key that's listed under the "Tips" section:--If you can't fit the suite or apartment number on the same line as the delivery address, put it on the line ABOVE the delivery address, NOT on the line below.

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Can you use the Post Office street address with a suite number instead of a PO Box number?

Often times, you can. Mail to a street address is sometimes redirected to the PO Box (if one exists) anyway. For example, Disneyland in Anaheim (CA) actually has a real-life street address, but all the mail goes to their PO Box; it would be impossible for the mailman to even attempt delivering the volume of mail that this theme park receives per day. I think you are asking if you can used the physical street address of the Post Office with your box number listed as a suite number? So instead of the standard address like PO Box XXX you would use something like: 1000 Main Street, Suite XXX?If so, I have the same question! Some services won't take a PO Box but all my mail goes there.

Torino Ventures Ltd Suite 4142 Victoria House 26 Main Street Gibraltar?

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