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Q: What countries use 1st or 3rd Angle Projections?
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What direction do you face in orthographic projections?

its always in front of d vertical plane..however there are 4 methods of projection 1st angle second angle 3rd angle and fourth angle..but 1st and 3rd are preffered as the views come distinct in second and forth the views are placed one over the other causing trouble in identifying d views

How do you interpret first and third angle projection?

The front elevation is in the centre in both projections. In 1st angle projection the end elevation is on the opposite side of the front elevation and the plan view is below the front elevation. In 3rd angle projection the plan view is above the front elevation and the end elevations are on the same side as viewed

How do you find the degrees 1st and 3rd angle when the 2nd angle is 45 degrees?

You cannot because there is not enough information.

Why do you not use second angle projection and fourth angle projection?

Method of Projections tell us the positions of the views where they are projecting on the Planes. Consider 1st Angle of projection, All the views from a particular direction are projected on the opposite side, while in 3rd Angle of projection, All the views from a particular direction are projected on the same side. Take a case of 2nd Angle of Projections( means object lies in 2nd Quadrant) since the image is to be formed on the planes only that is why we have to keep right side view on the same side from viewing while top view on the opposite side from viewing. This contradicts view placement( i.e. once you are placing on same side and once on Opposite). Same is applicable in 4th Angle of Projection also.

What is difference between 1st angle and 3rd angle projection?

Both third angle and first angle projection display the standard three orthographic views of a part or assembly on a drawing.. The key difference between third angle and first angle is the layout of the part on the sheet.

What is different between 1st angle and 3rd angle?

Basically its just where you position the views of the main object, in first angle projection, if you view the object from the left, the view is drawn to the right of the object, in third angle projection, its drawn on the viewing side.

What is the measurement of the 3rd angle for a triangle given both angle measurement 54 degrees?

It is an isosceles triangle and the 3rd angle is 72 degrees.

What is auto-graphic projection in tachnical drawing?

In first angle auto graphic projection the planed, view is drawn exactly below the front elevation. What is viewed from the left is drawn from the right side of the front, it is drawn in the 1st angle and 3rd angle.

What countries do rabbits live in?

1st: Contruie is spelled country 2nd: rabits is spelled rabbits 3rd: rabbits live in most countries

What is the formula to find the wedge angle?

The angle is 45 degrees look on google 3rd site down! The angle is 45 degrees look on google 3rd site down!

How many countries compete in the Commonwealth Games and how many games are there in it?

71 Countries competed in 21 sports and 272 events.

What type of triangle has an angle that measures 60 and an angle that measures 90?

It is a right angle triangle and the 3rd angle will measure 30 degrees