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Q: What country is the most visted country in the world?
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What is the most visted site in the coastal plain region?

The most visited site in the coastal plain region is the outer banks. People travel from all one the country and world to vacation there.

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What is Frances most visted monument?

a women standing with a man

What was the most visited room on the Titanic?

the bedrooms and the kitchen were the most visted rooms on the titanic

What hotel should i stay in if i visted Spain?

Spain is a big country, which area would you be visiting?

Where did Pope John Paul II travel?

He visted 129 countries around the world.

What are the most visited places in Madagascar?

If you want exotic, go to the south west thats the most visted

What is the most visted virtual world?

There are so many populair virtual worlds but i think these are the leading Secondlife Habbo IMVU Frenzoo Vside Twinity Utherverse Sims

How mainy people visted cosarica in 2012?

how mainy people visted costarica in 2012