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minus the cube root of 2, or about -1.26

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Q: What cubed number equals negative 2?
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What number equals 8 when cubed?


What number when cubed equals 8?

The answer is 2. 2 cubed means 2 to the 3rd power or 2x2x2 which equals 8.

What does the word cubed number mean in maths?

A number multiplied by itself thrice. 2 x 2 x 2 equals 2 cubed.

What number is missing in the sequence 1-8-27-125-216?

64 should be between 27 and 125. (1 cubed equals 1. 2 cubed equals 8. 3 cubed equals 27. 4 cubed equals 64. Etc.)

What equals 8 when cubed?


What does a negative number times a negative number equals?

negative multiply by negative is positive. While negative added with negative is negative. E.g. - 2 x -2 is 4 while -2 + -2 is -4

What is negative plus positive?

It depends on the magnitude of the negative and positive values. Equal magnitudes equal zero. -2 + 2 = 0 Larger negative number than positive number equals a negative number. -3 + 2 = -1 Smaller negative number than positive number equals a positive number. -2 + 3 = 1

Is 2 cubed rational?

I assume by 2 cubed you mean 2^3. That equals 2 * 2 * 2 which equals 8. 8 is rational, so yes.

What numbers equals 8 when it is cubed?


What number minus 28 equals to negative 2?

It is: 26

Does a negative plus a negative plus a negative equal a negative?

A negative + a negative + a negative equals a negative. Adding a negative number is equal to subtracting a positive number. For example: -2+(-2)+(-2) = (-2)-2-2 -2+(-2)+(-2) = (-4)-2 -2+(-2)+(-2) = (-6)

What does a positive times a negative equal?

A positive number multiplied by a negative number equals a negative number!EX:-9 X 2 = -18

What is the cube of number 8?

512 2 it's the cubed root of 8. 2x2=4 and 4x2=8 so 2 cubed equals 8. If it is 8 cubed then you have to take 8x8=64 and 64x8=512

A positive divided by a negative equals what?

The answer is another negative number For example: +6 --- = -2 -3

Negative 5 plus what number will give you negative 2?

3 negative 5 and 3 equals negative 2 easy question (-5) + 3 = (-2)

What number 8 when it is cubed?

2 cubed = 8 8 cubed = 512

Is 2 a cubed number?


What number cubed goes into 512?

How about 8 which 2 cubed

What do you do when you are adding a negative and a negative?

You minus it off the original negative number, so if it was -5 plus -2 it equals -7

Is the number 2 a cubed number?

No.I think you mean "Is the number 2 a cubic number?" meaning, "Is there any number cubed that will equal 2?".The first cubic number is 1 (13), then 8 (23). So the cubic numbers skip straight past 2.But really if you're asking "Is 2 a cubed number?", then yes it can be. A cubed number would just suggest, "can you cube the number 2"? And yes, 2 cubed = 8.

What is the answer to 2 cubed?

"2 cubed" isn't a question. It's a number ... the same exact size as the number 8 .

What is the sum of the number 2 cubed?

the answer of 2 cubed is 4 because 2x2=4

What is 2 as cube a cubed number?

Two cubed = 2x2x2= 8.

When is a number cubed?

To cube a number is to multiply 3 of that number together, for example, 2 cubed is 2 x 2 x 2 (which equals 8). This metaphor results from the way in which the volume of a cube is calculated. If you take the length of an edge of a cube, and multiply 3 of that number together (as described above) you get the volume of the cube.

How do you type 2 to the third degree?

2^3 or 2 cubed which equals 8