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A millilitre.

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Q: What customary measurement is smaller than a fluid ounce?
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What are customary units of measurement?

-- ounce -- furlong -- gallon

What smaller a fluid ounce or quart?

An ounce is smaller.

Which measurement is greater a fluid ounce or 4 teaspoons?

ounce :)))))))))))

How many mg in 100 oz of fluid?

a) it depends on the type of fluid. b) it depends on the type of ounce: - U.S. food labeling fluid ounce - U.S. customary fluid ounce - Imperial fluid ounce (what the rest of the world uses!)

What is an appropriate customary unit of measure for the capacity of a shampoo bottle?

fluid ounce

What is the difference between oz and liter?

"Oz" refers to an ounce, which in different contexts is a measure of weight or a measure of volume in the English (Customary) system of measurement that is used in the United States. A liter is a measure of volume in the metric system. An liquid ounce is a much smaller quantity than a liter.

What is the use of fluid ounce?

It's a unit of measurement

Is a fluid ounce the volume measurement equal to 1 ounce of pure water?

Yes, it is.

What are some examples of units of measure?

The foot, yard, mile, gallon, quart, pound and fluid ounce are examples of units of measurement in the United States customary units system. Examples of metric units of measurement include the meter, kilometer and gram.

How many minims are in one liter?

The minim is a unit of volume in both the imperial and US customary systems of measurement. Specifically it is 1⁄480 of a fluid ounce. Thus there are approximately 16,896 minims in one litre

What is a measurement of 12 fluid ounce?

That is 3/4 of apint

What unit of measure would you use to measure the volume of a mayo jar in customary?

fluid ounce