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the first an sec of oct

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Q: What date is the Shiprock fair this year 2010?
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What is date of gpsc 2010 exam?

what date of gpsc exem for 2010 in this year

Will the year 2094 have the same day-date selection as 2010?

Yes, the year 2094 will have the same day-date selection as 2010.

When is the date of 2010 haratalika?

its on 10th September 2010,this year...

What date is fair Friday 2009?

Fair Friday is the Friday after the second Monday in July, this year that's 17th. Fair Saturday is always the Saturday with a "teenth" in its date, ie between 13th and 19th.

Date of 2010 Chinese New Year?

On February 14th 2010.

What date is holi in 2010?

it was on monday march 1 in year 2010

When is the 2011 borris fair on?

August 15th. Same date every year.

What date does the Glasgow fair holidays start this year?

13th July 2013

When is Glasgow fair in 2010?

Fair Friday is always the second Friday after the first Monday so that means fair Friday is 16th July this year

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Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 14th 2010.

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There are 365 days in the year 2010. Therefore, the 364th day of the year is December 30, 2010.

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The date of October 13, 2010 falls in the 41st week of the year.