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Braille was invented in 1821, though probably not in one day. Louis Braille was twelve years old when he invented the system, though it was not widely accepted at the time. The Braille system became the official reading and writing method of the National Institute for Blind Youth only six months after Louis Braille's death in 1852.

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Q: What day and year was Braille invented?
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What year was braille raised dots invented?

Louis Braille invented Braille in 1826.

What year did Louis Braille invent the alphabet?

he invented it when he invented braille.

Who invented the brallie and what year did it got invented?

Louis Braille invented braille in 1824

what year Braille was invented?

The Braille system was developed in 1829 by the Frenchman Loius Braille.

What year was the braille glove invented?

It was invented in 2002

Who created braille and in what year?

Louis Braille invented braille for blind people so they could read.

What year was the braille typewriter invented in?


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Louis Braille invented the Braille painting.

Is it true Charles Barbier invented braille?

No, Louie Braille invented Braille.

When was the braille invented?

Louis braille invented it in 1825

What did Lewis braille invent?

Lewis Braille invented braille

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Lewis Braille invented braille