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There is no such number because they are infinitely dense. Between any two numbers, there are infinitely many numbers. And between any two of them there are infinitely many.

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Q: What decimal number comes before a whole number?
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What number comes before 40?

An infinite amount of decimal numbers come before 40 but as an integer and whole number it is 39

Is 3.14 a whole number?

No. The '3' before the decimal point is a whole number. The '14' after the decimal point is a piece of a number.

What whole number comes after 111 111?

111 112

What is the number before 3?

The first number without a decimal before 3 (a whole number), is 2

What difference does it make if the decimal is placed before or after the number?

If the number is before the decimal, it is a whole number. The numbers after the decimal represent fractions of whole numbers. For example if you had to work 8.5 hours, you would work 8 whole hours plus one half hour.

What are the difference between a decimal and a whole number?

The difference is that all whole numbers are decimal numbers, but not all decimal numbers are whole numbers. For example a whole number such as 1 is a decimal number but a decimal number such as 1.5 is not a whole number.

What is the number before 1890?

The last whole number before 1890 is 1889. There is no answer if you include decimal values.

Can a decimal number be a whole number?

No. A whole number is a number with no fractional (decimal) part. Therefore a decimal number can not be a whole number. Another view: 35.0 is a whole number AND a decimal. The fact that a number is a decimal does not automatically require it to have a fractional part. Even 35 is a decimal number (without a decimal point).

What whole number comes before 12000?


What whole number comes before 120?

It is: 119

What is the numeral that comes before the cardinal number 8408?

The whole number before it is 8407

How do you change a whole number to a decimal?

You can't change a whole number to a decimal. A decimal and a whole number are both numbers. A decimal is just a number lower than a whole number, or a number in between two whole numbers.

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