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You really do not need a degree at all. However, you will need to pick up experience. Usually individuals will join organizations and learn from within. Still, if you like developing goals and objectives for institutions and agencies on a professional level, a management degree would fit nicely.


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Q: What degree do you need to organize charities and nonprofit organizations?
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How can I get a nonprofit management degree?

In 1995, with the generous support of the Kellogg Foundation, Seton Hall University undertook a major research project to examine the impact of nonprofit management education programs on the nonprofit community. The first phase of the project, based on a survey of universities and colleges, sought to answer the following questions: What is the current universe of graduate programs that focus on the management of nonprofit organizations? Where are they situated in the university--in colleges of arts and sciences, business, public administration, or elsewhere? What courses are offered? What degrees are granted? Do course offerings differ by type of degree granted?

Complement the Communications Degree?

A communications degree is one of the most obviously necessary paths of study around. Corporate businesses, foundations, nonprofit organizations and more, all benefit from the everyday usage of an individual with expertise in communications. To get the most out of this degree, pair it with another field of study which naturally complements it, such as information technology, business management or legal studies. Such a match creates a competitive applicant in an already competitive job field.

What is a grant writer?

In a nutshell, grant writers write proposals to obtain funding for nonprofit organizations, schools, government agencies to support programs and services. There isn't a specific major in grant writing but a college degree in English, humanities, social science, or any other major that emphasizes writing and research provides a good grounding for the field. A variety of classes and workshops on grant writing are offered by nonprofit organizations, community colleges, and through continuing education programs. You can also check out "Grant Writing as a Career" at the Related Link below.

Are there professional organizations with cosmetology?

Teaching they help you in bachelors degree

Is a degree required to be a physician assistant?

To become a physician assistant you must obtain a bachelors degree; however, most organizations now require a masters degree.

What would I do with a library degree?

You could work in a library. You will learn how to organize books and all about different books.

Where can I get a non profit management degree?

A list of schools is at .

What can I do with a public policy degree?

It's actually a pretty versatile degree. A PP degree can open all kinds of doors with government positions, lobbying firms and all sorts of non-profit organizations.

Can you get a better job as a radiologist if you have an Bachelor degree?

The higher the degree, the more marketable you become. Most all organizations are now pushing their employees to pursue higher degrees. Viper1

What types of careers would require an MPA degree?

A Master of Public Administration degree is required for a lot of leadership careers, such as working with the government, non-profit organization or non-governmental organizations.

What did Barack Obama's wife study?

Michelle Obama received a law degree (Doctor of Laws) from Harvard University and for a few years, she was an attorney, as well as a fund-raiser for several charities.

How do I go about receiving an accounting degree?

Find a College that offers Accountancy courses.Apply to take the course.Pay the fees.Study hard and complete all your assignments.Pass all the exams.At the end you will be granted an accounting degree.You will be given directions for attending graduation.If you do not attend graduation, contact the College to arrange to collect your degree papers at a convenient time.A Bachelor's degree in Accounting will prepare you for entry into positions with public accounting firms or in positions with private, government, and nonprofit organizations. An accounting degree will provide you with an understanding of business and financial concepts and how they relate to professional accounting. These will include fundamentals such as federal taxation, payroll accounting, auditing, cost accounting, marketing, management, business law and Internet commerce among other subjects.