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The absolute value of the z-score.

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Q: What denotes the number of standard deviations a particular score is from the mean?
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Give the term for the number of the standard deviations that a particular X value is away from the mean?


How many standard deviations is 99?

You cannot have a standard deviation for 1 number.

I have two data sets with the same number of values with means x1 and x2 and standard deviations of n1 and n2. How do you average means with standard deviations?

You can't average means with standard deviations. What are you trying to do with the two sets of data?

What statistic is produced when the difference between a score and then mean is divided by the standard deviation?

z-score or standard score... tells you how many standard deviations away from the mean a particular number is in relations to all numbers in a population (or sample)

How do you find highest standard deviation in given number?

Standard deviations are measures of data distributions. Therefore, a single number cannot have meaningful standard deviation.

What are the standard deviation of Barclays bank?

The Bank, itself does not have a standard deviation. The number of branches, the number of customers, lending, profits, CEO's pay are all variables which will have standard deviations but none of them are mentioned. It is not possible to guess which one you are interested in!

The mean number is 14 with a standard deviation of 2.5 How many standard deviations is 16.50 from the mean?

16.5 is 1 standard deviation from the mean. If you add the mean of 14 to the 1 standard deviation of 2.5, the result is 16.5.

What is the mean and standard deviations and the standard normal distribution?

Mean is the average, sum total divided by total number of data entries. Standard deviation is the square root of the sum total of the data values divided by the total number of data values. The standard normal distribution is a distribution that closely resembles a bell curve.

Why are standard z values so important?

A z-score gives the distance (specifically number of standard deviations) from the mean so when you compare z-scores, it gives a direct comparison of how far from the mean the values are.

What is bsb and account number?

The account number is the number assigned to a particular account. A BSB is the number in front of the account number, in the Australian banking system. The BSB number denotes what 'B'ank', 'S'tate, and 'B'ranch the account is in.

What is the z score?

z = (x - u)/(standard dev)The z score expresses the difference of the experimental result x from the most probable result u as a number of standard deviations. The probability can then be calculated from the cumulative standard normal distribution. ie sigma(z)

How do you calculate octane number?

The amount of resistance that a fuel has to detonation. The higher the number, the less likely it is that a particular fuel will detonate in a particular engine. The number is as compared to a standard fuel (not necessarily gasoline)

What denotes a row in excel?

a number

For a particular species the carrying capacity is the maximum number of individual organisms that?

carrying capacity is standard in which the particular number of organisms can survive and get the enough food and nourishment required for them and can reproduce sufficiently

What do you do if you get a number that is not on the Normal Distribution table as it is too high so above 3?

Suspect you've made a mistake in your calculations.Looking at the Normal curve, the area under it between the mean and 3.09 standard deviations is [approx] 0.4990, ie the probability that the data could exceed 3.09 standard deviations from the mean is 2 x (0.5-0.4990) = 0.002 = 0.2% [using a half-tail table], ie it is quite unlikely that a data point is much further away from the mean than the tables' limit of 3.09.Beyond 3[.09] standard deviations away from the mean, the area under the curve changes very little in the first 4 dp, so [most] tables are going to not be of much help anyway - when 4 standard deviations away are reached, it is almost all the distribution and rounds to 1.So if you are looking at a point greater than 3 standard deviations away from the mean it is either a very unusual event that has caused it, or (more likely) you've made a mistake in your calculations.

In any distribution is the sum of the squared deviations from the mean always equal to zero?

No. It cannot be. Remember that when you square a negative number it becomes a positive number. Thus all squared deviations are positive and their sum must be positive.

What ISIN denotes?

International Securities Identifying Number

How do you find the average absolute deviation?

Add all the absolute deviations together and divide by their number.

Number of spokes in ashoka chakra?

24, denotes the number of hours in a day

Does the curve in a normal distribution stop at plus or minus 3 standard deviations?

No. The curve in a normal distribution goes on out to plus and minus infinity. You might never see any observations out there, but if you were to make an infinite number of observations, you theoretically would.

What does MCMLXIX mean?

The Roman numeral MCMLXIX denotes the number 1969.

What is the number in standard form?

What is the number in standard form? 4.9×108

What does the standard deviation of 2.686 means if the Mean is 5.96 and the number is 699?

The observation is more than 250 standard deviations (SD) away from the mean. For a normal distribution, the probability of being more than 3 SD from the mean is 0.0027 so the probability of an observation being 250 SD from the mean is infinitesimally small.

What is an inverse number?

An inverse number is an opposing number of the standard number. For example, if a standard number is 12 then the inverse is -12.

What is a standard number?

Standard Number is a basic/regular number (Examples: 2, 4.2, 7000)