What depth equals 100 bar?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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If you mean in the ocean, approximately every 10 meters pressure increases by 1 bar. Assuming you want absolute pressure, at the surface you already have a pressure of approximately 1 bar - the atmospheric pressure. You can base your calculations on that.

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Q: What depth equals 100 bar?
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How many feet below sea level equals 10 Bar?

1 Bar represents one atmosphere of air pressure. 10 Bar is approximately equal to 100 Meters of water depth. 1 meter = 3.28083989501 feet. It follows that 100 meters = 328.083989501 feet. Therefore, 10 Bar is approximately equal to the expected pressure at 328.083989501 feet of water depth (not sea level).

100 ton equals how many bar?

Ton is a weight and bar is a pressure. There is no conversion between the two.

What depth equals 20 bar?

One Bar is 10.2 Meters of fresh water or 9.0 meters of saltwater. it is 204 meters for fresh water. and 180 meters in salt water. :-)

What is the pressure in Bar at 10 mts sea depth.?

10 m depth is 2 bar pressure.

1 pascal equals how many bars?

100,000 (just type "1 bar in pascals" into google)

What candy bar equals 10 million pennies?

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How much bar equals 1000 M of water?

1000 m. of pure water = 100 bar plus atmospheric pressure at say 1 bar = 101 bar. Seawater will be more because the density is higher.

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The standard depth of a breakfast bar is about 6 inches. This is met by another 4 inches of hot water underneath the metal container.

What is the total water pressure on a 600 cubic foot cylindrical vessel at 100 feet of depth in the ocean?

The water pressure depends only on the depth, not on the size or shape of the vessel. The pressure increases at about 1 atmosphere (or bar) every 10 meters.

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