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negative Acceleration

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Q: What describes a trains acceleration if it changes speed from 25 m s to 10 m s in 240 s?
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Why at a constant speed if an object changes its direction it is considered to be acceleration?

Acceleration is a direction plus a speed. If either changes then the acceleration changes.

How does law of acceleration changes speed?

The LAW of acceleration doesn't change anything; a physical law just describes how things work. Acceleration means change of speed. Or, to me more accurate, it means the rate of change of velocity - in other words, how fast velocity changes.

Is acceleration the same as speed?

Acceleration is the rate that speed changes.

What changes if someones speed or direction changes?

The acceleration changes if speed or direction changes

What is the rate at which speed or direction changes?


How does speed interact with acceleration?

Acceleration is the rate at which speed changes, at least scalarly.

What is the acceleration of a car that is going at a steady speed of 60 mph?

At a constant speed there is no acceleration. Acceleration describes a positive change in speed meaning to go faster. Deacceleration describes how fast something is slowing down. But at a constant speed of 60mph there is acceleration or deacceleration.

What is the rate at which speed changes?


What describes motion of a car?

Acceleration describes the motion of a car. Acceleration is defined as an increase in the rate or speed of something.

What is the deffinition of acceleration?

The rate at which speed changes, and the direction in which it changes.

Is it true or false that acceleration can only occur when the speed of an object changes?

No. Acceleration is change of velocity. It occurs when an object changes speed and/or direction.

Compare and contrast speed and acceleration?

-- "Speed" is the rate at which distance changes. -- "Velocity" is speed along with the direction of motion. -- "Acceleration" is the rate at which velocity changes, including the direction of the change.