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A protractor.

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Q: What device or tool would you use to find the size of an angle?
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How do you find the size of an angle on a rhombus?

with a protractor

What is android screen size?

That depends on the DEVICE you are running Android on. It would be the screen size of the device.

How do you find the size of the angle in a quadrilateral?

Use a protractor.

How do you find out the size of a regular polygon?

Divide the number of sides into 360 which will give you the exterior angle and subtract this angle from 180 which will give you the interior angle.

What is a protractor angle?

A "protractor" is a device that can be used to draw angles of a specified size, or measure the size of unknown angles, in the same way that a "ruler" is used to do the same thing with lines.

What size is the angle that you can find three times in an equilateral triangle?

60 degrees

In an isosceles triangle one base angle equals 73 find the size of the vertex angle?

jaj no se kompas jaj

How do you determine the measurement of a missing angle in a angle?

To find the measure of an angle, you need to know the size of the entire angle and the other angles within the angle. Then, you subtract the smaller, known angles from the entire, large angle and you should get the measure of the missing angle.

How many degrees would an acute angle measure if it were one-third the size of a right angle?

A right angle is 90 degrees so if it was 1/3 the measure of a 90 degree angle it would be 30 degrees.

What is an angle that is formed on the outside of a polygon by extending one side?

The size of the angle would depend on the shape and number of sides the polygon has. It is called the exterior angle.

How do you find an angle in a polygon?

You measure it. An interior angle of an ordinary polygon can have any value in the range (0, 360) degrees excluding 180 degrees. There is no constraint on the size of a single angle.

How do you find out the size of a angle in a pie chart?

With a protractorif it is a computer generated pie chart, find the fraction, and divide into 360