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He invented the power loom, it's a machine that makes the fabric for us.

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Q: What did Edmund cartwright invent?
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What is Edmund Cartwright's birthday?

Edmund Cartwright was born on April 24, 1743.

When was Edmund Cartwright born?

Edmund Cartwright was born on April 24, 1743.

Who was Edmund cartwright's father?

Edmund Cartwright's father was William Cartwright, a clergyman and poet. He was also the chaplain of the King's Own Regiment.

Who did Edmund Cartwright marry?

Mary Lucy Cartwright

Who invented the powerloom?

Edmund Cartwright

When was the power loom invented?

1785 by Edmund cartwright

Inventor of the power loom in 1785?

Edmund Cartwright

Why is Edmund Cartwright important?

He invented the power loom

Who invented the loom powered by water?

edmund cartwright

Who invented loom power by water?

edmund cartwright

What did edward cartwright invent and the year?


English inventor of power loom?

Rev Edmund Cartwright