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Isaac newton was the co-creator of calculus along with Gottfried Leibniz.

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Q: What did Isaac Newton contribute to math?
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What type of math did Isaac newton invent?

isaac newton invented no such math only science

How did Isaac Newton contribute to math?

He created an entire new math...called Calculus.most notably invented calculus, but there are heaps of other things too - see wikipedia list of entries named after isaac newton

What math was Isaac Newton known for?

Isaac is known for calculus which is a type of math

What type of math did Isaac Newton associate with?

advanced math

What was Isaac Newton's contribution to mathematics and its example?

isaac newton is very smart, and loves math.

How does isaac newton's contribute to math compare to todays math?

Newton created a new science called calculus in which he contributed towards infitesimal calculus which was timely reformed by other mathematicians timely.

What was Isaac Newton good at?

Math and Science!

What is Isaac Newton's favorite hobbies?


What is Isaac newton's favorite hobby?


What did Isaac Newton contribute to the field of science?

what is the answer it is something.

What did Isaac Newton contribute to astronomy?

Newton invented the three laws of motion.

What field of math did isaac newton invent?


How did Isaac Newton contribute to the study of planetary motion?

he didn't

What kind of math did sor Isaac Newton master?


What did Isaac Newton do for work?

He was a math profesor at Cambridge University

Sir Isaac Newton's contributions in math?

He did corrdinate geometry

What did Isaac Newton study at college?

math, science, and calculus

Who created derivatives in math?

Sir Isaac Newton and Leibniz.

What areas of science did isaac newton study?

physics and math

What branch of science that isaac newton known?

Physics (and math).

What was contributed to math for Isaac newton?

if you actually mean "for isaac newton" he had algebra, algorithyms, the decimal system.. possibly trig if you mean "by isaac newton" he pretty much invented calculus.

What fields did Newton contribute to?

Isaac newton fields, he loved snakes, and his favorite foods were mac and cheese and greens.

How did Isaac Newton change the world for the future?

Isaac Newton change the world for the future by his discoveries and laws he made in physics and math.

How did Isaac Newton contribute to mathematics?

Isaac Newton was a mad person as he saw an apple falling and instead of eating it he made theories for gravitation

How did Isaac Newton contribute to science?

he made the three laws of motion