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Q: What did Joseph Louis Lagrange contribute to math?
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Was Joseph Louis Lagrange a genius?

Anybody who knows a bit of math understands the genius and importance of Lagrange. he may be the greatest mathematics genius in history. His importance in modern physics (he is everywhere in quantum mechanics) is unique.

What is lm in math?

Lagrange multiplier, possibly.

How did Marie Curie contribute to math?

contribute to math

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I answer questions on this website.

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he didnt

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What did Plato contribute?

he contributed with the Plato Philosophy and math.

What did Benjamin Banneker contribute to math?

he contributed astronomy

What did nicolaus Copernicus contribute to math?

he was a scientist and a math geek but there is really no information on what he did as a mathematical figure

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What did Albert Einstein contribute to the math?

Nothing. Einstein was a physicist.