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Better to have loved a short man than to never have loved a tall.

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Q: What did Klorine say when she married a man three and a half feet tall?
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How many inches are in three and a half feet?

Three and a half feet = 42 inches.

How many feet does one half yard equal and why?

One half yard equals one and one half feet because there are three feet in one yard, so half of three feet is one and one half feet.

Half a yard is how many feet?

A yard is three feet, so half a yard would be one and a half feet.

What part of a yard is one in s half feet?

A yard is equal to three feet, so one and a half feet would be half a yard.

How many feet are there in three and a half yards?

3.5 yards = 10.5 feet

How many cm in three and half feet?

31/2 feet is 106.68cm

How many ft are in half a yard?

One yard is equal to three feet, therefore half a yard is equal to one and a half feet.

How big is a desert tortoise?

they can be up to three feet tall and two and a half feet wide.

Was Attila the Hun tall?

PIFF no he was about three and a half feet tall

How many meters are equal to 10 feet?

about three and a half meters

How many feet are in twenty three and one half of a mile?

23.5 miles*5280 feet/mile= 124080 feet

What is the size of the tail on a male puma?

Two and a half to three feet in length.

Three and half cubits equal how many feet?

3.5 cubits equates to 5 and 1/4 feet.

How many cm is 5 feet three and a half inches?

5 feet 3.5 inches = 161.29 centimeters

What does a half cu ft measure in feet?

You can have a box shape, with sides that have a length of any three numbers, as long as the product of these three numbers is one half.

If the diameter of a circle is two yards then the radius is how many feet?

There are three feet in one yard, so a diameter of two yards is six feet. The radius is half the diameter, so the radius is three feet.

How long is an alto saxophone?

from mouthpiece to bell it is around three feet. from mouthpiece to bottom of body it is about one and a half feet

How deep of snow will a snowmobile travel in?

very deep about 2 and half feet or three

How much space is three and a half cu ft?

54 feet 4 inches

How big is 31.5 inches in feet?

Almost three feet (36 inches), precisely it is 2 feet and 7 and a half inches! Hope this helps! :)

How tall are tigers in meters?

Tigers are around one meter tall, (approximately three feet and three and a half inches).

What is half of five and half inches?

two and three quarters inches 5.5 / 2 = 2.75

What is 4 feet ten and a half inches minus 2 and three fourths inches?

4 Feet 7 and 3/4 in.

How do you convert 3.5 feet into inches?

there are 12 inches in a foot you have three and a half 3 (feet) times 12 (inches in a foot) equals 36 +6 (half a foot) makes it 42 inches in 3.5 feet

How many feet are in three and a half miles?

There are 18,480 feet in 3.5 miles. 3.5 miles x 5280 feet/1 mile = 18,480 feet 1 miles = 5280 feet