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they started to colonize

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Q: What did people from England do when they founded New Hampshire?
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Who was New Hampshire founded for?

all of the new England colonies were founded for England including new Hampshire. it was the "new" Hampshire, which is an English county still here today.

Type of people that live in New Hampshire?

Most of the people in New Hampshire are from England. So are most people from the region new England.

What was the reason for the founding of New Hampshire?

The reason for the founding of New Hampshire was for farming. The New England colony was founded in 1692 by John Mason.

Which New England colony was not founded during the reigns of Charles I or Charles II?

New Hampshire

Why was the New England Colony founded?

Why was New England Colony Founded?new England was founded because people wanted freedom to have there own religion.

Who founded New Hampshire in 1679?

New Hampshire was founded in 1623 by John Mason.

Which religious group founded New Hampshire?

While they were mostly Church of England it was not founded by a religious group or for religious motivations.

Where was New Hampshire first founded?

New Hampshire is one of the 13 original colonies. It is located in New England in the Northeastern United States. New Hampshire was the 9th state to rarify the U.S. Constitution in 1788.

Who founded the state of New Hampshire?

Captain John Wheelwright founded New Hampshire in 1638

Was Maine or New Hampshire founded first?

New Hampshire

Where did people from New Hampshire colony migrate from?


Where did people of New Hampshire come from?

Primarily from England.

Who were the first people that were at New Hampshire?

The settlers of New Hampshire which were people from Europe and New England.

Who founded Hampshire?

Hampshire in England (or did you mean New Hampshire in former colonial America?) came into beong in Anglo-Saxon times, along with most English counties.

Who discovered New England?

New England was founded by several different people. John Winthrop was one of the people that founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Thomas Hooker founded the Connecticut Colony, and John Mason founded the New Hampshire Colony. Two of the founders of the Rhode Island Colony were Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams. Of course, all of these people had help from other settlers in getting these colonies to grow and prosper.

Who explored New Hampshire?

In 1614, John Smith explored what is now New Hampshire. By 1623, settlers founded New Hampshire's first permanent non-Indian town. Today that town is Hover. John Mason named New Hampshire in 1629 after Hampshire, England. In 1641, it was part of Massachusetts, but by 1680 it was made a colony by New England

Who found New England Colony?

There is no such thing as a New England Colony. A group of colonies in the northern section of America were known as the New England Colonies, and there were:Massachusetts ~ founded by William Bradford ~ 1620.Rhode Island ~ founded by Roger Williams ~ 1636.Connecticut ~ founded by Thomas Hooker ~ 1636.New Hampshire ~ founded by John Wheelwright ~ 1638.

Reason for colonization in New Hampshire?

people from New England did not have freedom of religion so they came to New Hampshire.( they wanted freedom)

Who found New Hampshire in New England?

the colony that became the state of New Hampshire was founded on the division in 1629 of a land grant given seven years previously by the Council for New England to Captain John Mason and Sir Ferdinando Gorges (who founded Maine). The colony was named New Hampshire after the English county ofHampshire, one of the first Saxon shires. Hampshire was itself named after the port of Southampton, which was known previously as simply "Hampton".

What kind of religion did colonial New Hampshire have?

New Hampshire was first founded in 1623 by Pilgrims from England and was one of the first original 13 colonies. Pilgrims came to New Hampshire for religious freedom and starting their lives over.

Who or what was New Hampshire named for?

New Hampshire was named for Hampshire, a shire in England.

What are States named after countries?

New Hampshire - Hampshire England New York - York England New Jersey - Jersey England

What was New Hampshire named after?

Hampshire, England.

What are some interesting facts about new England colonies?

New England land- rocky coasts, ports, cliffs, very sandy. New England Colonies- New Hampshire (founded in 1623 by Pilgrims), Massachusetts (founded in 1620 by Captian John Smith), Conneticut (founded in 1634 by Thomas Hooker), and Rhode Island (founded in 1636 by Roger Williams). Hey ya!

Why was New Hampshire founded?