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The original Puritans had a conversion experience and then became full members of the church. Then they were eligible to get married in a Puritan church, have their babies baptized, and be buried by the church.

When their babies became of legal age, they did not have the conversion experiences of the original Puritans. They still wanted to participate in the church rituals. The half way convenient was created for them. They would become church members but not voting church members unless and until they had a conversion experience. They could get married, get their children baptized, and get buried in the church.

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Q: What did the Half-Way Covenant provide?
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What did the halfway covenant provide for?

it provided for the baptism of children of baptized but unconverted puritans

The halfway covenant provided?

a:baptism but not "full communion" to people who had not had a conversion experience.

How was the Halfway Communion Halfway Covenant a move to address these tensions?

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The Halfway Covenant allowed whom to be baptized?

The Half-Way Covenant was a form of partial church membership created by New England in 1662. The Halfway Covenant allowed children of these members to be baptized, but they could not accept communion or vote.

Where is the Covenant super weapon in Halo Combat Evolved?

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What agreement showed the spiritual decline of New England?

Halfway Covenant

Why did puritans adopt the halfway covenant?

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What were the puritans trying to accomplish with the halfway covenant?

What the puritans were trying to accomplish with the Half-way covenant was how could they keep the unbelievers in the church.

What was the significance of the halfway covenant?

The Halfway Covenant was made by churches because they felt people were drifting away from their religion. So this Covenant stated that if you come on over and baptize your child and they will get membership to the church. However it was not full membership because they were still not allowed to vote nor accept communion.

Why did Massachusetts Puritans adopt the Halfway Covenant?

Because not all children accepted Christ.

What is true about the Halfway Covenant?

It provided partial church membership for children of church members.

Formula devised by Puritan ministers in 1662 to offer partial church membership to people who had not experienced conversion?

the half way covenant.