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The first ones wanted gold, but they were too far north. The only major gold deposits east of the Mississippi were in Dalonegah County, Georgia, & they weren't discovered until 1825. Other than that, they wanted land they could farm without having to split the profit with the nobleman whose land they plowed.


wut the heack is a nobelman???


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Q: What did the people from England want from the Virginia colony?
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Why was Virginia colony found?

some people did not want to belong to the Church of England

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Why did england want to begin a colony on north americas eastern shore

What is the Virginia bay colony?

OK, either you want Massachusetts Bay or Virginia. Virginia was the first lasting colony founded in the New World with the settling of Jamestown in 1607.

Why did some people in England want the first American colony to fail in 1587?

because many people like pie

Why did the founder of Virginia leave England to find Virginia?

they want to have more land

Why would a colonist want to live in the colony of Virginia?

Becuase they have corn, wheat, cinnemin, and tobaccco. They have hot and humid summers. Virginia colony is a very wealthy.

Why did England want to start a Colony in North America?


Why England want to start a colony in north America?


Why did England want revenues from the American colonies?

To fuel an expanded colony.

Why did England want Australia's land in the 1700?

For use as a prison colony

Why would people want to go to Virginia in the 1800?

To be in Virginia.

Why did England want to start colonies in Virginia?

Because England thought they would have as much power as the native Americans.

Why did England want to control the Maryland colony?

So they could make money off of it.

Why did England want to begin a colony on the north eastern shore?

to increase wealth and power

Were the people John Smith took along with to Virginia with him lazy?

yes because they did not work very hard for their money in England and did not want to do anything to survive.

Why did England want to begin a colony on north America eastern shore?

to increase her wealth & power

Why did the Calvert family of England want to build a colony in north America?

to provide a refugefor catholics

Why did James Oglethorpe want to create the Georgia colony?

James Oglethorpe created the Georgia colony to provide a home for convicts released from prison in England.

Why did Canada want to be an independent county?

All countries want to be independent and make their own decisions. It's why the USA did not want to be a colony of England, and had a revolution (and a War of 1812) to sever ties with England. Countries want to be self-governing.

Why did England want to begin a colony on north Americas eastern shore?

England did not want Spain to control all of North America`s.Too far to go to the western shore

What were some obstacles in the first English colony?

The first English colony was Virginia and its Jamestown settlement. The people who settled there were ill-prepared and did not want to work, but instead searched for nonexistant gold. That caused a degree of famine which worsened when more settlers came over.

Why did England want to begin a colony on North America's eastern shore?

At the time of the Revolution the Mians were the most.

Why did england want control of the dutch colony?

the english colonies wanted to expand in the direction of the dutch colny

Why did people want to invade England?

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Why didn't the settlers want to work in Virginia in the 1600s?

If you are asking about Jamestown the men who came were there to look for gold for investors and not begin a colony. It wasn't until 1620 that Plymouth colony was established and it was a colony that was to establish a way of living for families.