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If the number is before the decimal, it is a whole number. The numbers after the decimal represent fractions of whole numbers. For example if you had to work 8.5 hours, you would work 8 whole hours plus one half hour.

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Q: What difference does it make if the decimal is placed before or after the number?
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Where would the decimal be placed in 10000 km?

Nowhere. 10000 is an integer and requires no decimal number.

What is the maximum number of decimal places allowed after a decimal point?

An infinite amount of numbers can theoretically be placed after the decimal point.

What 3 placed decimal is equvilent to the difference between 1 and 3 over 8?


What does a decimal point do?

When a mixed number (a whole number and a fraction) is written as a decimal, the decimal point divides the whole number and the fractional part. 12 and 75/100 = 12.75 a dot placed after the figure representing units in a decimal fraction.

Is decimal a noun?

Yes, decimal is a noun, a singular, common noun. Example sentence: The decimal for hundredths is placed two digits from the right of a number.

What is 1010100 in decimal?

It depends on where the decimal point is to be placed? For instance, if 1010100 is a whole number, then it would be: 1010100.00 If this is not the case, then more information is needed.

You are placed at the left of a proper fraction or between parts of a mixed number?

Decimal point

What can you find how finding a whole number estimate before your multiply the decimal can help you make sure your decimal placement is correct?

Not really.If you are competent in using the basic operations of arithmetic (+ - * /) and follow the riles as these apply to decimal numbers then the decimal point will be correctly placed and finding a whole number estimate will only mean additional calculations which serve no purpose. On the other hand, if you are not that competent then how can you be sure that the whole number estimate that you find is accurate?

How many zeros can be placed after the last digit in a decimal without changing the value of the number?

As many as you can write.

Is it possible for a four digit number to round to a three digit number?

If there is a decimal placed somewhere within the number, such as .3568 could be rounded to .357

What is the hundreds place on a decimal?

Like the metric system, the decimal is placed by 10ths. One number away from the decimal point is one-tenth. The second number away is the one-hundredth place. So, basically, it's two numbers away (to the right) of the decimal point.

Where should a decimal point be placed in the answer of addition and subtraction problems?

Where the decimal is placed you just have to bring it straight down.