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Q: What different sizes of usb sticks come in?
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What is the height of a memory stick?

if you are talking about USB sticks. there are loads of sizes. different heights and weights!

What are the common sizes or storage capacities of USB flash sticks?

The common sizes of USB flash sticks are less than 30gm and are made into commonly carried items. The storage capacities can go up to 256 gigabytes as of the September 2011.

How interchangeable are USB cables?

USB cables come in many different sizes. In my experience, the only way that they are interchangeable is when they have the devices have the same manufacturer but even in some cases this may not be true.

How many Word documents can a GB USB hold?

There is no simple answer to that. It depends on the sizes of the files, as they can be different sizes.

Where to buy Promotional USB Sticks & its Packaging in Australia?

Unique Promotional USB sticks Packaging and Accessories, Personalised USB sticks with Australian exclusives only available to iusb

How to Download from PC to 7 Homemaker digital photo frame The USB does not fit?

USB ports come in many different sizes. The person can buy a proper sized USB to help move pictures. A person can also use a SD card to move pictures.Ê

Do you need a memory card reader for USB memory sticks?

No -- USB memory sticks attach directly to the computer via a USB port.

Is usb sticks hardware or software?

The USB device is hardware.

How to Print Custom Design on USB Stick?

Choose from countless custom USB sticks & styles & get promotional USB packaging & accessories freely delivered on orders of bulk USB sticks in Australia.

How do you connect a mouse to a laptop when all the USB ports are used?

Get a USB hub. Then, plug it in one of your USB outlets on the other end they come in all sizes. There lots and types in store that are cheap.

What is the largest memory stick available on the market today?

Do you mean USB keychain memory 'sticks'? They are available in sizes of 4 GB to 64 GB quite readily, and 128 and 256 GB sizes are available from some vendors

Do usb cables come in different lengths?

USB cables do come in different lengths depending upon the device that is used with it. USB cables range from 3-5 meters, but do not extend beyond 5 meters.