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He described the nature of gravity after an apple fell on his head.

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Q: What discoveries did Isaac Newton make?
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Did Isaac Newton make any other discoveries besides math?

did isaac newton make any discoveries beside the apple discovery about gravity

What did Isaac Newton use to make his discoveries?


What are the discoveries Isaac Newton made?

discoveries made by newton

Which fruit helped isaac newton to make his discoveries?


What scientific discoveries did sir isaac newton make?


What important discoveries did Isaac Newton make?

law of motion

Why did isaac newton make so many discoveries as an adult?

he is epic

How is Isaac Newton interesting?

1. Isaac Newton's discoveries about light and movement of planets were used to make the first flights to the moon possible.

What were Isaac newton's discoveries in gravity?

that it exists

What elements were discovered by Sir Isaac Newton?

Isaac Newton made many discoveries in science, but did not discover any new elements.

How did Isaac Newton change the world for the future?

Isaac Newton change the world for the future by his discoveries and laws he made in physics and math.

What are the discoveries of sir isaac newton?

he discovered gravitational force.

Sir Isaac Newton discoveries in physics?

he found out about gravity

What are some of Sir Isaac Newton's discoveries in astronomy?


What Is The Importance Of Sir Isaac Newton's Discoveries?

there is no importance at all

How old was Isaac Newton when he made his discoveries?

i dont know yet

In what areas of study did Isaac Newton make discoveries?

Physics, light and gravity mostly. Math. Giving calculus its' power.

What were the results of Newton's discoveries?

Isaac Newton made fundamental discoveries in physics and mathematics which to a large extent made possible all the scientific progress which followed. So the results of Newton's discoveries are a scientific culture, and all the technology which it has created.

What famous story suggests how isaac newton made his discoveries about gravity?

do it ur self

Who made the important discoveries about the laws of gravity?

Sir Isaac Newton

Did Isaac Newton create a book?

yes, isaac newton created many books documenting his discoveries of physics, he also created a book documenting a math he created called calculus

Did Isaac Newton make Newton Balls?

I believe he did

What was the 3 major discoveries of Isaac Newton?

his three most infuluential discoveries were the laws of motion the laws of optics and integrala and diferential calculus

When did Isaac Newton make his discoveries?

Newton lived from 1642 - 1727, 85 years. So a good answer would be "the late 1600s, because 1662 would put him at 20 years old.

How does Isaac Newton's discoveries change science?

because when someone drop an apple he discovered about out the apple

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