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Q: What do a galaxy and inverse have the same?
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Are stars bigger than galaxies?

No. A typical galaxy has billions of stars.

Dividing by a nonzero number is the same as multiplying by the?

What is the inverse reciprocal of 0.01

Absolute value of an additive inverse determined?

The absolute value of a number and its additive inverse are the same.

Does inverse and indirect variation mean the same thing?

Y=k/x where k is the constant of proportionality is an example of indirect or inverse variation. They are the same thing.

What is the difference between a direct and inverse relationship?

direct means it stays the same while inverse means it will change.

In which galaxy is Mercury in?

It is in the same galaxy we are in, The Milky Way.

Function and inverse of function graph is the same?

In general the function and it inverse are not the same and do not have the same graph. If we look at a special function f(x)=x, it is equal to its inverse and the graph is the same. Think of the inverse of a function as changing all the x's to y's and vice versa. Well, in the function f(x)=x, all the x's are already y's and vice versa so it is its own invese.

What is an example of multiplicative inverse?

A multiplicative inverse is the same as a reciprocal. The multiplicative inverse of x is 1/x. So, the multiplicative inverse of 4 is 1/4; or 7 is 1/7 and of 0.2 is 1/0.2 = 5.

Is multiplicative inverse and reciprocal have the same definition?


Does Mars have the same galaxy as earth?

The Earth and Mars are in the same star system, and therefore are also in the same galaxy.

Is our galaxy located outside the milky way?

Our galaxy and the Milky Way are the same galaxy.

In which galaxy is Venus in?

milky way galaxy aka. our galaxy, the same one we r in :)