What do a parallelgram look like?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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A parallelogram looks like a rectangle that's starting to fall over so that the two side walls are angled.

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Q: What do a parallelgram look like?
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How many parallelgram are in a hexagon?

As many as you like.

What is a parallelgram shape like?

It is four sided and it's like a tilted rectangle.

Have many vertices does a parallelgram have?

Not sure about a parallelgram, but a parallelogram has 4.

What makes a parallelgram a parallelgram?

A parallelogram has two pairs of opposite sides which are parallel.

What is never true about a parallelgram?

"A parallelgram is a word which is spelled correctly" is a statement which is never true.

Is a trapezoid a parallelgram?


Can a rhombus have the same name as a parallelgram?

NO if a rhombus is called a parallelgram you would get destracted 3.gram

Is a traezoid always a parallelgram?


Is a parallelgram is a quadrilalateral?

Yes, it is.

What is the area of this parallelgram?


How is a parallelgram like a rhombus?

Both have four sides comprising two pairs of parallel sides.

Is a rhombus a parallelgram?

Yes, it is a parallelogram.