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they all design stuff, they all have to be creative.

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Q: What do all designers have in common?
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Is designers a common noun?

Yes, the noun 'designers' is a common noun, the plural form of the singular noun 'designer', a general word for anyone who designs anything; a word for any designers of any kind.

What equipment do fashion designers use?

You need needles sewing machines and materiel's of clot all the time. All the best who want to be designers

What is the percentage of female fashion designers to male fashion designers?

All i kno is that i fink dere are more men to females

What do video designers do?

If you meant Video Game Designers, then they do a myriad of designing tasks.The most common (but by no means is this list exhaustive) include:Level DesignGame MechanicsWeapons/Inventory/stats designPlot & Character designsNB: For all intents and purposes, when referring to design, I am not talking about visual design/concept art etc.

What all designers like?

designers like when something is out of the ordinary but not to much. also designers like it when people compliment there designs not put them down because if you put them down it could affect there next design.

Are there any other handbag companies in operation?

Manta has a listing of all designers known and unknown. The popular designers such as Coach are listed but there are also new brands and designers such as Ennvoy that specializes in quilted bags.

Are all of the designers on trading spaces gay?

Obviously. Yes.

What did the Bauhaus designers do?

They created a school and cover all the arts.

What are some designers that start with the letter 'K'?

Designers with names that start with K: * Calvin Klein * Donna Karan Designers of things that start with K: * Kite designers * Knickers designers * Karaoke machine designers * Knapsack designers * Knife designers

What are some common retail jobs?

Many job opportunities are available in the retail field. Salespeople, cashiers, janitors, managers, owners, designers, and buyers all have an important place in the retail world.

What is a 1937 buffalo nickel worth with a letter F?

All Buffalo nickels have the "F" it's the designers initials. The 1937 is a high mintage common date with retail values of $3.00 or less.

What is a factor that all designers take into consideration during the production of?