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They are all near an artery.

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Q: What do all the pulse points have in common?
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The pulse rate at your femoral artery is the same as the pulse rates at all points of the body?


The pulse point located at the wrist is the?

The pulse point that is located at the wrist is called the radial pulse. All together there are five pulse points in the human body.

What are pulse points?

Pulse points are places on your body where your arteries are so close to the surface that you can feel your pulse. The easiest to find pulse points are the brachial (inside of the elbow), radial (wrist), and carotid (neck).

Which pulse pressure point has the greatest amplitude and why?

The common carotid artery - because it's closest to the heart.

Points that do not all lie on the same line are called?

Noncollinear points are points which are not all on a common line.

Points at the body surface where the pulse?


Why do your feet pulse with your heart?

You have several pulse points in your body, you are probably aware of the carotid pulse in your neck and the radial pulse in your wrist. The feet also have pulse points. there are 2; the dorsalis pedis, essentially on the top of your foot as it turns into your leg, and the medial malleor, on the inside part of your ankle.

What is the number of pulse points in the human body?

there is (1) temporal pulse, (2) facial pulse, (3) carotid pulse, (4) antebrachial pulse, (5) brachial pulse, (6) radial pulse, (7) apical pulse, (8) popliteal pulse and another one on the anterior portion of the feet.

What do all points whose y-coordinate is 0 have in common?

They're all points on the x-axis.

Do opposite rays have all points in common?

No, they only have the one common endpoint in common.

Why does a doctor check pulse on your foot?

The doctor is checking one of several pulse points. These points can tell her if there is good blood flow to a body part such as the leg and foot in this case.

How is pulse diagnosis practiced in Western medicine?

doctors check the pulse of patients by placing their hands on the wrist and by listening to the pulse at various points on the body with a stethoscope.