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That he was interested in bettering the lives of all living things.

The emperor Asoka (c. 269-232 BC) was motivated to convert to Buddhism after seeing 100,000 casualties during his conquests. After this transformation he promoted peace and prosperity. He wanted to live a humble life without unnecessary festivals and excess. He did not want to kill living beings and emphasized non-violence. Asoka stressed respect for elders and encouraged all generations to follow in his footsteps. He believed in bettering the lives of others through religious and social tolerance. Asoka considered it his duty to spread the gift of righteousness throughout Asia.

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Q: What do asokas edicts indicated?
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What cause the Asokas Edicts become a focus of study in the past 150 years?

They are a written record.

Who was asokas father?

Emperor Bindusara

What did asokas policies include?

Archimedes did not

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What is asokas?

Asoka is a empire who ruled India.

What was an important influence on Asokas method of ruling?

Alexander the Great

What caused the decline of the Mauryan Empire?

Asokas death

What changes accompanied asokas reign in the maurya civilization?


What did asokas indicate about him?

that he was interested in bettering the lives of all living things

Who was ashoka and what were his edicts?

Ashoka was the son of Bindusara and his grandfather chandragupta. His edicts tell that what he was doing for his people and how they should live and also tells about his life

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What changes accompanied asokas reign in the maurya cicilization?

buddhism became more important

What are the four edicts of ashoka?

The four Edicts are: Buddhist Values General Welfare Justice Security

What did asoka's edicts proclaim?

religious toleration

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What did Asoka edicts proclaim?

religious toleration

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How did Asoka spread badd his musing edicts and misslonanes?

with his hands