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Four quarters equal one whole, one dollar, or one football game.

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Q: What do four quarters equal?
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Related questions

How many dimes make four quarters?

Ten dimes is equal to four quarters.

Does 4 equal parts equal fourths or quarters?

Four equal parts equals both fourths and quarters.

How do you use quarters in a sentence?

My dad told me four quarters equal one dollar

How many quarters are in 4 and a half?

One quarter is equal to 25 cents. Therefore, four quarters make one dollar. Mathematically, four and a half would equal to eighteen quarters. If you multiply 4.5 by 4 it would be 18.

Are quartiles divided into four equal quarters?

Yes it does.

What is 4 quarters?

4 quarters equal a whole. If you have all four quarters of an apple pie you have the whole pie.

How many quaters equal a dollar?

Four quarters equal one dollar.

What is four and three quarters as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, this is equal to 4.75.

8 coins that equal a dollar?

Two quarters,four dimes and two nickels equal a dollar.

Use quarter in a sentence?

My mom told four quarters equal one

How many dollars equal 92 quarters?

Four quarters make a dollar. Can you find how many groups of 4 quarters you can make from 92 quarters. Does division come to mind. Try it, you can do it, good luck!

Why Does 4 quarters equal a sandwich?

Quarter means one fourth, four of them equal one whole complete thing. 2 halves is one whole, and 4 quarters is one whole.

How to divide a segment into four congruent segments?

Chop it into 4 equal sections (quarters)

How many dollars does a million quarters equal?

Because four quarters makes one dollar, two hundred fifty thousand dollars would be comprised of one million quarters.

How much money is 4 quarters?

Quarters are worth 25 cents, if you have four of them you have a dollar. --------------------------- Yes, but here's a visual way to think about it. 25+25+25+25=100. 100 cents = a dollar. So, four quarters is equal to one dollar. So, there you have it.

What do two quarters equal?

Two quarters equal a half.

How many quarters equal twelve dollars?

A quarter is "one quarter of a dollar", thus, there are four quarters to a dollar. 4 x 12 = 48

Divide 11 inches into four equal parts?

23/4" (two and three quarters inches)

One dime is equal to how many dollars?

One dime is equal to 1/10 of a dollar. Ten dimes are equal to one dollar. Four quarters are also equal to one dollar.

Is three quarters equal to five sixths?

No - if the fraction were to have a denominator of 6, then 3/4 would be equal to 4.5/6 or four and a half sixths.

How much is 2 quarters?

two quarters is equal to one half.

When was The Four Quarters created?

The Four Quarters was created in 2005.

How many quarters equal 10?

Forty quarters equal ten dollars.

Does 4 quarters equal a cup?

4 quarters can equal a whole anything.

How many quarters of a mile are in a mile?

There are four quarters of a mile in a mile. There are four quarters in any whole.