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Integers are closed under subtraction, meaning that any subtraction problem with integers has a solution in the set of integers.

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Q: What do interger's allow you to do that whole numbers do not?
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Computation with intergers?

integers are whole numbers, positive and negative. Zero is an integer

All whole numbers greater than 0 are also called the?

positive integers

Are some rational numbers intergers?


Name the set of numbers -10 belongs?


What is the number of two digit positive integers?

There is no such thing as "intergers".The complete list of two-digit positive whole numbers lists 90 of them.

How is the process of dividing intergers similar to the process of multiplying intergers?

integers are negative and poitive numbers you can multipy and divide poitive numbers but you can't divide negative numbers because you can't have negitve divded by a other number

What number comes after 136101521?

If you allow decimals and fractions, there's no answer. If you're only interested in whole numbers ... the "counting " numbers ... then it's 136101522.

How many numbers are there between 0 and 10?

If you allow fractions and decimals, then there are an infinite number of them. If you only want to talk about whole numbers, then there are only nine of them.

What are two ways in which whole numbers and decimal numbers are different?

Whole numbers are a proper subset of decimal numbers. All whole numbers are decimal numbers but not all decimal numbers are whole numbers.

Are rational numbers whole numbers?

The set of rational numbers includes all whole numbers, so SOME rational numbers will also be whole number. But not all rational numbers are whole numbers. So, as a rule, no, rational numbers are not whole numbers.

How are decimals and whole numbers similar?

All whole numbers are decimal numbers.

Why are different whole numbers not always a whole number?

Different whole numbers are always whole numbers, but I suspect you meant to ask about the difference between whole numbers. You can subtract two whole numbers and get a negative result. Whole numbers can't be negative.