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If its a manual you should be getting approx 30 MPG. If its an auto then about 25ish MPG.

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Q: What do landrover discovery 300 tdi get to the gallon on a 1997 reg?
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How do you bleed air out off cooling system Landrover Discovery 300tdi?

how do you bleed air out of a 300 tdi discovery landrover

Where is the power steering fill on a 98 landrover Discovery?

if its a 300 tdi it will be in a round pot at the front of the engine next to the radiator

What is difference between landrover 200 tdi and discovery tdi?

there is no difference between a landrover 200 tdi and a discovery tdi ! A 200tdi is a discovery tdi . I think you mean what is the difference between a 200 tdi and a 300 tdi,in which case not a lot ,apart from slightly different engine and box ,rear lights and bumper and head lights and grille. basically the same motor apart from these few things

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What are the torque wrench setting for a 2.5 tdi landrover discovery 300 series?

40 NM then 60degrees then another 60 degrees then 20 degrees for the biggest bolts they need to be tightned in order and new bolts should be used check a Haynes workshop book

What vehicle does oil filter part number z1159 fit?

Various old landrover engines - 200Tdi, 300 Tdi etc.

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