What do mechanics do with math?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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nothing! lick lizards!

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Q: What do mechanics do with math?
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How is math in mechanics?

EVERYTHING. Speed, number of gears, distance, diameter, size, volume, weight... without math there would be NO mechanics.

How is math used in billiards?

The movement of the balls, after collision, obeys the laws of mechanics (a branch of mathematics).

What is the type of science that heavily uses math?

Several types of science are linked to math. Among them are physics, chemistry, biology, quantum physics and quantum mechanics. Math is ubiquitous in nearly all disciplines of science.

Is there a math word j?

"J" is not a math word, but there are several that beginwith 'j'.Mechanics tend to use the letter "j" instead of the imaginary unit "i", when calculating with complex numbers.

How is math used in mechanics?

Math is used to measure how to put the right shaped parts in the cars.They multiply the flat rate time to do a job by the hourly rate, then double it for an estimate.

What jobs use fractions everyday?

Math, Rugby e.g. full back for a whole, shares, sales, mechanics.

Is there any type of math harder then quantum mechanics?

This is a tough question to answer because how "hard" something is is relative.A clearer question to ask would be, "In physics, does quantum mechanics contain the "hardest" math when compared to the other major areas of physics (i.e. mechanics, E&M, thermodynamics)?" To answer the new question: From my experience, in undergraduate physics, yes. Quantum mechanics is not necessarily the most mathematically intense but it uses many many mathematical tools to solve various problems.

Do you have to be good in math?

No, but I'll tell you that it helps you more than you would give credit for as a math student right now. Mechanics, science, entrepreneurship, medicine, economy, computer programming, all these require math, to list only a few.

How do docters use math?

Math is used by doctors for a lot of things. Basic math is used to judge obesity (BMI) and medication doseages and frequency of administration. More complex calculation are used in vascular medicine (fluid mechanics ) and in other areas.

How is math used in motorcycle mechanics?

It is often used in ratios. It helps to determine how large everything needs to be in order to work properly.

Why cant you mix chemistry with math and get a simple science invention?

You'd need to have studied hard in school for science. In order to do this, you need to know the inner mechanics of each item. Then apply math to them and mix them together for hoping of the best.

What is amotic orbital?

Atomic Orbital is a math funciton which utilizes quantum mechanics. Atomic Orbital represents three-dimensional volume and indicates where an electron will be found.