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Loss or negative growth, mostly in economic matters


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Q: What do negative numbers represent in real world situations?
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How can you use negative numbers to represent real-world problems?

An overdrawn balance on your bank account is a negative number !

How can you use absolute value to represent a negative number in a real-world situation?

use a absolute value to represent a negative number in the real world

How can you interpret thr ordering of rational numbers in real world situations?

In the real world you can use the order of rational numbers. This is used a lot in math.

Where do you use negative numbers in the real world?


Where to find negative numbers in the world?

Math class, thermometers.

Which civilization discovered negative numbers?

Negative numbers do not show up much in the real world unless someone is trying to figure out a problem. The numbers were first discovered by the Indian civilization.

Is it possible to live in a world without negative integers?

No. Inventory and engineering work need negative numbers to measure. Also, how can we measure the temperature if it's freezing cold without negative numbers? Integers are needed for calculations and measurements in this world.

How are numbers used to describe real-world situations?

Can you find a real-world situation that numbers don't describe? From the numbers on your alarm clock to the numbers on your house, to the bus you ride to work, to the numbers on the phone as you order takeout, to the prices at the grocery store, to your bar tab, it's all numbers.

What were Indian civilization's contribution to the world?

maqthematics the idea of Zero and negative numbers

What are some of the everyday uses of negative numbers?

Temperature in cold areas are negative. Below sea level is negative altitude. Degrees left on the world coordinates.

What are some examples of negative numbers used around the world?

Temperature and Money Issues.

What are some examples of negative numbers in daily life?

There are lots of situations in the real world in which there are opposites, which can conveniently be expressed with positive/negative numbers. Here are some examples:Having money (positive), having a debt (negative)Getting a profit (positive) or a loss (negative) with a business ventureAn altitude above (positive) or below (negative) sea levelGaining points or losing points in a gameMoving in one direction or in the opposite direction. In this case, it is quite arbitrary which direction is chosen as positive.

What are some negative numbers you use in the real world?

1) Temperature below zero degrees is denoted by a negative number. 2) In business, profit is shown as positive and loss as negative

How positive and negative numbers are used in real world situation?

Well if you over draw your bank account then you account balance becomes negative numbers, meaning you owe the bank. Anytime you are in debt period, in spades you can get set so many hands that your score is lower than zero and goes into the negative.

How can you use rational number to represent real world problems?

You cannot. The diagonal of a unit square cannot be represented by a rational number. However, because rational numbers are infinitely dense, you can get as close to an irrational number as you like even if you cannot get to it. If this approximation is adequate than you are able to represent the real world using rational numbers.

Is this true or false all negative numbers are less then zero?

It is true that all negative numbers are less than zero. Think of a number line, zero is to the right of each negative number. Think real world, if you owed $500 to the bank would you have more money or less money than someone who owed $0?

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The globe represent the world; or in this case, Earth.

What will happen if there will be no negative numbers in the world?

There is no change in everything u buy You should only pay the exact amount in the cashier

How can you absolute value to represent a negative number in a real-world situation?

If your bank account is overdrawn by 5 units then your statement will show the balance as -5. So the negative number, -5, is represented as a debt of 5 units of currency (an absolute number).

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