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All sorts of things! From doing up bank statements to calculating how much to spend at the mall. It goes from the complex like that involved in building and engineering, to the very simple like teaching grade 1 students in school basic addition and subtraction.

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Q: What do people need math for?
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How does math relate to becoming a lawyer?

yes because a lot of people have problems and they have to do with math and then they need a lawyuer to know math and that is good with math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many years of math do you need in college?

To get into college, you need to get until Algebra 2, but people recommend you to take math until you get into calculus.

Is mathletics dumb?

No. You need to know it. If you go to the store you need to know how to read the prices and to figure out if you have enough money to buy what you want. Someday you will want a house or a car so math is needed in both of those things. If you want to measure for drapes or rugs you need math. To balance your checkbook you need math, to make change or get change you need math, to do your taxes you need math, to cook you need math, to know what kind of gas mileage you get you need math, to sew you need math, to frame a picture you need math, to figure your GPA you need math. Math is used for just about everything.

Why do science people need algebra?

because science is not possible without math..

I need some help witn math Any one can help me?

There is a few people that can help you with math. You can ask your teacher, friend, parent or you can call the math hotline and ask them to help you with your math.

Why do you need math for psychology?

you need math 4 statistics and stuff

Why are some people good at science but bad at math?

That's hard to believe, unless it's conceptual science, then people need to be good at math to learn science

Why do math teachers need math?

To teach the student about math and what the need to know through out their life They need it because that way they can earn money and maybe math is the subject they enjoy!!

What is a group of three mathematicians.It needs to be like The Three Musketeers but only math people and like they need to be famous please.?

women can't do math women can't do math

Does anyone need a math or Chinese tutor?

Some people do, otherwise I would not have a job.

Is there math in movie making?

yes because you need an amount of people in the background and material.

Do football players need math?

Yes, they do need math. Perhaps for their paycheck.

Help People Through Math Tutoring?

Math is one of the most difficult subjects for many people; math tutors can make a very comfortable living by helping people with different levels of math skills. Math tutors do not just need to be skilled in the subject, but they also need to be patient and able to work with struggling learners. Many tutees respond well to games and activities that make the math relevant to their own lives, instead of just working from a book.

When do people use math?

people use math when they are at work measuring something or trying to work out the time or at school

How does a missionary use math?

A missionary uses math when they need to calculate how much money they need to go to a country. They need to figure out how long it will take them to raise the money. They also need it if they plan to feed people. They need to find out how much they need and how much it will cost.

Do people use math everyday?

yes even when u buy something u are doing maths. we need math for everyday life. with out math you woul not know if their are stealing your money.

What is essential math?

basic math that you need in life

What is the answer to the math challenge?

What math test is it? I need to know to answer.

What are the answers to mountain math?

You need to do the math to get the answers.

How much math does a writer need to know?

Writers do not need to know math to succeed.

Where do they need math teachers?

They need math teachers in all schools around the world.

Why do people say that you need to learn math before entering astronomy?

It is not just Astronomy. Any scientific career will require lots of advanced math.

What do you want to learned in the math 4?

Most people in the world do not do "Math 4". You need to be more specific. Alternatively, look up the course specification.

Do you need math to graduate law school?

You need math to do anything! Go to college, graduate..everything so yes you need math it's mandatory.

Is physics suitable for people who are good with math?

maybe. You also need a knowledge / interest in science.