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Same side interior angles are congruent to their vertical angles.

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Q: What do same side interior angles equal to?
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What is the definition of Same-Side Consecutive Interior Angles?

definition of same side interior angles

Can same side interior angles be called linear pairs?

Yes, if they are equal to 180

What are Same side exterior angles?

they are the opposite of same side interior angles

Are same side interior angles congruent?

Same-side interior angles are supplementary. They are not always congruent, but in a regular polygon adjacent angles are congruent.

What do you call interior angles and exterior angles on the same side of a transversal cutting through parallel lines?

There are 4 types which are:- 1 Corresponding equal angles 2 Alternate equal angles 3 Vertical opposite equal angles 4 Interior supplementary or allied angles

What are same side interior angles?

Same Side Interior angles are the angle pairs that are on the insides of the two lines (the interior) and on the same side of the transversala experior angle of a triangle is = to the 2 opposit interior angles of the triangle.If that's not what you are looking for sorry.

Consecutive interior angles can be called same side interior angles?

Yes, but more preferably called consecutive interior angles.

Which angles are consecutive interior angles?

Consecutive interior angles are angles on the same side of the transverse that add up to 180 degrees.

Are same-side interior angles ever congruent?

They can be.

What angle relationships created when lines are cut by transversal?

1. Alternate Interior Angles 2. Alternate Exterior Angles 3. Corresponding Angles 4. Same-Side Interior Angles 5. Same-Side Exterior Angles

Consecutive interior angles are also called?

Same- Side

Is a rectangle a regular polygon or not?

No but a square is because it has equal side lengths and equal interior angles

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