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One thing I think you already know is smokers aren't pretty. They have wrinkles on their skin, red eyes, messed up hair, and alot more. Smoking effects your whole body! Inside and out. Smoking can disable you from smelling, hearing and more. Food may taste funny when you smoke. You may have bad breath, yellow teeth, missing teeth and more. Alot can happen with smoking.

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Q: What do smokers look like?
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They are gray and black from inhailing the smoke

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Smokers' filters are usually made of porous material, like cellulose acetate, wrapped in paper. After use, cigarette filters are often stained with tar, nicotine, and other chemicals from the smoke. They may appear yellowish-brown or discolored due to the accumulation of toxins.

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To some extent smokers will tend to socialize with other smokers, but the social segregation of smokers from non-smokers is not that strict; in reality, smokers can have the same range of friends that non-smokers have.

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