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square measurements. measure area

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Q: What do square measurements measure?
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What does square measurements measure?


How do you work out square meters of a paddock with four different measurements?

measure in square meters, a paddock with four different sides

What is the measurements of 2.44 square acres?

A square with an area of 2.44 acres would measure 326.016 feet on each side.

How many feet are there in one square meter?

A foot is a measure of distance. A square metre is a measure of area. The two measurements are therefore incompatible.(There are slightly more than 10.76 square feet in 1 square meter)

How many bushel are in a square yard?

Bushels are a measure of volume. Square yards are a measure of area. The two measurements are incompatible. It's like asking "how many gallons are in an acre?"

What are the measurements of 1 square yd?

1 Square Yard is a Square which is 3 feet (or 36 inches or 1 yard) on a side. It it a common measure of AREA.

What do you measure soccer fields in linear square or cubic units?

A soccer field is defined by linear measurements.

Why is perimeter is measure in units and area is measure in square units?

in area you are measuring the capacity. Volume has a 3 because it is lengthxwidthxhight area is only lengthxwidthImproved Answer:Because the perimeter is the outside measurements of a given area which are in linear units and the measurements inside a given area are in square units.

What are corresponding measurements?

When two sides of a figure are equal in length (measure). For example in a square all sides are equal in length so they're all corresponding measurements.

How many litres in a meter?

This is an impossible question to answer as litres and metres are not compatible measurements. You can measure litres in square metres.

How many square are there in a square foot?

The units are incompatible. Cubic measurements are for volume, square measurements are for area.

What would be the best units to measure the area of your home's driveway?

Metres and centimetres. Or feet and inches. Then square any measurements to find the area.

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