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Unless the rectangle is a square, it only has two lines of symmetry. Please refer to the Related Link below to see diagrams of both rectangles and squares with lines of symmetry drawn. The images are near the bottom of the page.

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Q: What do the four lines of symmetry of a rectangle look like?
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What does the lines of symmetry look like in a rectangle?

a cross

how much lines of symetry do a kite have?

A life has four lines of symmetry for all shapes like this have the same number of sides as lines of symmetry.๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Does rectangle have more than one pair of perpendicular sides?

The rectangle has four corners.Every corner is a right angle.Every right angle is a place where two perpendicular lines meet.Looks like the rectangle has four pairs of perpendicular sides.

What is the definition of property in math?

something that is owned like a rectangle owns four cortices and two parallel lines.

Does a rhombus have a line of symettry?

Yes, it has 2 lines of symmetry as it is like a slanted square. If you stand it upwards it is like diamond. And diamonds have 2 lines of symmetry.

What does the word symmetry mean?

When something has symmetry, it is the same size and same shape. like a square has 4 lines of symmetry.

What does a triangle with 3 lines of symmetry look like?

they are the same

What are symmetry lines look like?

Something that you can fold and its equal....

Can a hexagon have 3 lines of symmetry?

Yes. A non-convex hexagon with 3 main points like a triangle will only have 3 lines of symmetry.

How many lines of simmitery does a cyilinder have?

Just like a circle a cylinder has infinite lines of symmetry

Why a square is a rectangle?

because a square has four right angles like a rectangle

What does a shape with 4 sides and NO symmetry look like?

To have no symmetry the four sides would all have different lengths, and each angle would also be different. The figure would not look like a square or a rectangle, but would instead be an irregular 4-sided polygon.

Does a polygon have 5 lines of symmetry?

It could but not all of them .if this is not the answer you are looking for then i am so sorry. :( A polygon CAN have 5 lines of symmetry or more, such as a pentagon, hexagon or an octagon, etc. however, polygons like the square or triangle don't have 5 lines of symmetry.

Does a triangle have lines o symmetry?

Type your answer here... i like pie

How do a rectangle with four equal sides look like?

A rectangle with four equal sides would not be a rectangle, it would be a square. In a rectangle opposite sides are equal in length and are parallel.

How many lines of symmetry do rectangles have?

Its 4 just like a square * * * * * No it is not. The diagonals of a square are lines of symmetry; not so with a rectangle. So there are only 2 lines of symmetry. In theory, the statement made by the User above^^^ is true, but when it comes to the decisive moment where one has to create structures, or anything that might save or take away lives, that fails... In a rectangle, if you make diagonals, the rectangle will be split into 2 equal length, equal size, right triangles. These people have made the common misconception of trusting a textbook entirely for their answers. Textbooks are written by humans, and humans make mistakes. If everyone understood this, 9/11 never would have happened.

How does an octagon look like?

This is a octagonA octagon has 8 sides and 8 corners.1 face and 8 lines of symmetry.* * * * *An octagon need not have any lines of symmetry.

How many lines of symmetry do regular polygons have?

x= 5y+10 * * * * * That looks like a mistaken merge! A regular polygon with n sides has n lines of symmetry.

How many lines of symetry does a trapizoid have?

It depends on how the trapezoid is shaped. _ / \ If it's like this, it would have 1 line of symmetry going vertically. _ |_\ This trapizoid would have no lines of symmetry.

How do you construct a rectangle?

First, you draw two horizontal elongated lines. Then, draw to vertical lines, half as big as the elongated lines. It should look something like this: ______________________ /this is a good rectangle.... / ====================

What does a US map look like?

a rectangle with lots of lines and colors.

What real-life objects have two lines of symmetry?

There are many in life. I'll give some examples. Like, a butterfly. And a boat. Oranges also have two lines of symmetry.

What is a Rectangle like?

A four-sided plane figure with four right angles

Why is a square a rectangle Please answer?

Presumably because it has four right angles and four straight sides that are parallel just like a rectangle has.

How many lines of symmetry Does a trapeze have?

A trapeze, the swing-like thing used by acrobats, has one line of symmetry.