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Q: What do the numbers on the back of an inhaler mean?
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What do serial numbers on the back of a watch mean?

The serial numbers on the back of a watch are there for the customer to know that the watch is real. The serial numbers can be looked up at the retailers.

I don't have asthma but my doctor perscribed an inhaler Will the inhaler cause me to get asthma?

No, if you use an inhaler it will not cause you to get asthma.

What do the numbers on the back of a social security card mean?

The red numbers on the back of a social security card are control numbers that verify the authenticity of the card. They serve no other purpose.

Is amphetamine in ventolin inhaler?

I'm about a Ventolin inhaler but in an Albuterol inhaler the only things in it are Ventolin ethanol and oliec acid

What does it mean if there are numbers stamped on the back of an old coin?

Numbers on a coin usually signify the year it was minted.

What is mocclxxvi mean on the back of the dollar bill?

MOCCLXXVI are roman numbers, in Arabic numbers it's 666

What do green and orange inhalers do?

When having an asthma attack the green inhaler is a Respritory Inflantational inhaler. When you run out of breath and can't breath in, this inhaler helps make that possible.The orange inhaler is a Pulmanary Ventalation inhaler that help relax your lungs in order to breath out.

should you take an inhaler if you have asthma?

yes.if you have asthma sometimes your asthma will kick up and you may not know it but you are weising(we-sing). when you are suspishosly coughing have somebody lesten to your back. if you are weising then take a rescue inhaler or a breathing treatment. the breathing can take 15 to 20 minets. the rescue inhaler takes about a few minets.

What aid can you use if you forget your inhaler?

What aid can you use if your forget your inhaler?

What is it called for a number to have the same last numbers and the same middle numbers?

If you mean can be read the same back to front as front to back such as 12321 or 75257 its a palindrome.

Is Nicorette available in inhaler form?

No Nicorette is not available in inhaler form. There are however, some other brands that offer products in inhaler form.

What happens when an asthmatic attack occurs?

I have asthma personally and it closes your air ways. An inhaler opens them back up.