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Q: What do the numbers on the telephone dial add up to?
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What is wireless dial-up setup?

Some WiFi base stations have a telephone dial-up modem built in. You connect a telephone line to the base station and set up the base station to dial your ISP and log in whenever you want to use your WiFi.

How can you call your future wife?

Pick up the telephone and dial her number.

What is the difference between Dial up 56k and Cable?

Dial up uses a telephone line to connect to the internet and is much slower than cable.

What is a real telephone number?

A real telephone number is a telephone number that is live and connects to a landline or mobile device. There are different telephone numbers available that people don't recognise or insider not correct, this relates especially to non geographic numbers such as numbers like 0870, 0844 or when you need to dial the full area dialling code (STD) although the number should not need to be dialled in full. There are also false made up numbers such as on television shows when a real live telephone number cannot be displayed for obvious reasons.

How is the telephone used in modern day society?

we pick it up an dial to talk through it.

What is the top speed a dial up connection can produce?

56k is the top speed of dial up connections and the loss of connectivity is most frequent when using dial up connections, as well as losing service when the telephone gets a call waiting beep.

Why is it that the Dial-up to private network is not selectable when you try to add a new dial-up connection?

You name any new dial-up connection as you create it, you can name it "private network" if you'd like.

Can you access the internet using a standard telephone line if you have a modem?

Yes. But you need an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and an IP (Internet Protocol) address.

A is a temporary connection that uses one or more analog telephone lines for connection?

dial-up line

What must you do to get your system ready for creating a dial up network connection?

It must be coonected to to telephone line

With DSL a telephone filter must be installed on every phone jack in the house that is being used by a telephone fax machine or dial up modem?


How does a dial up modem connect to the lnternet?

Telephone line. Either unplug telephone and connect lead to computer while online, or get double-socket ADSL connector so telephone is unaffected.