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The shaded area of the graph of an inequality show the solution to the inequality. For example, if the area below y = x is shaded it is showing those ordered pairs which solve y < x.

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Q: What do the shaded dots refer to in the graph of an inequality?
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What is the difference between graphing a line and graphing an inequality?

when graphing a line you simply plot the points based on the ordered pairs and connect the dots; there you have a line. An inequality graph refers to the shaded region of the coordinate plane that does not coincide with the line, hence the term, inequality.

When do you connect the dots on a graph?

You only connects dots an a graph when the variable is in constant movement never stopping.

When do you not connect the dots on a graph?

When you have numbers on the graph the are not whole numbers.

What is the difference between a linear graph and a non-linear graph?

The dots on a linear graph form a straight line. The dots on a non-linear graph do not form a straight line.

Why is it don't you connect the dots when making a graph?

It is improper to connect the dots on a graph because experimental data never makes a straight line. the dots in a graph (points) are not guaranteed to be right. hopes this helps SR. :)

What graph is uses dots connected by line?

wow. line graph.

Why don't you connect the dots on the line graph?

This question cannot be answered in a sensible way because it is based on a misunderstanding. The dots in a line graph ARE connected. That is what a line graph is. If they are not connected then it is a scatter graph.

What is placing dots on data points called?

a scatter graph.

What is a broken line graph?

A broken line graph shows information by plotting points of info on the graph, with dots and connecting them with a line.

What is the definition of line graph?

is a graph;that is used to jock down data.(uses dots and connects lines to it)

What is the definition Line Graph?

is a graph;that is used to jock down data.(uses dots and connects lines to it)

Why is a line graph called a line graph?

a line graph is called a line graph because first of all it uses lines and second of all its on a graph they use those lines to connect the dots so if you dont what im talking about with dots thats a whole diffrent question so look it up yourself

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