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Q: What do three catherines two annes and one Jane have in common?
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What do 3 Catherines 2 Annes and 1 Jane have in common?

They were the first names of Henry VIII's wives.

Ann Boleyn Why did the marriage end?

King Henry wished to marry Annes maid in waiting ,Jane Seymour and he needed a way to get rid of her.

Was Jane long in the old three hundred?

yes jane long was a old three hundred

Did King Henry VIII have six wives?

Yes, three Carherines, two Annes and one Jane, but only one at a time.

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Bob is a common male name of Old English origin and short for the name Robert. Jane is a common female name of Hebrew origin meaning God is Gracious.

What does common foe mean?

Both people don't like the same person; like if Mary and Jane both hate Karen, then Mary and Jane have a common foe (Karen).

What does Annie Oakley and Jane Goodall have in common?

they are both photographers

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Mary Jane Mary ann Anna Lynn Anna Marie Sarah Jane

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