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Q: What do yard hands in the oilfield do?
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What is Fairley Oilfield?

Fairley Oilfield is a oilfield in the country of Brunei. The Fairley Oilfield has an elevation of -210 feet below sea level.

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When was China Oilfield Services created?

China Oilfield Services was created in 2001.

When was Bergen Oilfield Services created?

Bergen Oilfield Services was created in 2006.

What is Schlumberger Oilfield Services?

The world's premier oilfield services company Schlumberger Oilfield Services supplied a wide range of technology services and solutions to the international oil and gas industry

What are some good safety question in oilfield?

what are some good safety question in oilfield or pipeline that i can ask ?

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Who is the first largest oilfield service?

In the past few years Schlumberger has overtaken Halliburton as the world's largest oilfield services company.

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Is ankleswar associated with oilfield in India?

Yes , It is .

Where is the Digboi oilfield located in India?