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force x perpendicular distance from a specific, defined point

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Q: What do you calculate to find a moment?
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How do you calculate ultimate moment of resistance?

we can find theultimate moment of resistance by in case of hand lever by followinglength of boss.thickness of boss.tensile stress.(distance from outside of the object concerned to the major axis)

How do you find the deceleration rate?

The same as the acceleration rate. Measure the speed at one moment of time, measure the speed at another moment of time, calculate the difference, divide by the time elapsed.

How do you calculate the moment produced around a pivot?

M = [rF] - is a formula for produced moment calculation.

What is the purpose calculating moment of inertia?

Inertia is affected by an outside force. So if you calculate the moment of inertia, you calculate the magnitude and possibly the direction of the outside force. You can use this to determine acceleration.

How do you calculate load capacity?

There is a small logic we can calculate the load capacity,for that we need Stress and Strain formulas, shearing moment and bending moment, from that we can know where the system fails and works........ DR.....

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How can calculate the magnetic moment in chemistry?

B.M. = [ (n)(N+2) ]^ 1/2

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How do you calculate the moment capacity of a concrete section?

From ACI 318; 1) Solve for a (whitney compressive stress block) 2) Determine moment from force couple

Calculate the moment of inertia for a frisbee mass 0.40kg radius 12cm?

.00288 kgm^2

What is the energy of moment?

A moving object has both moment, and kinetic energy. You can't calculate one from the other; it is possible for two objects to have the same moment, and different amounts of kinetic energy. This is because the moment is proportional to the velocity, while kinetic energy is proportional to the square of the speed.

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