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It is a Quadroped.

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Q: What do you call a animal with 4 feet?
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What do you call an animal with no feet?


What do you call an animal with two feet?

a biped

What do you call an animal with two feet the answer begins with b?


A animal that has 4 feet and starts with a?


What do you call this ground feet feet feet feet meaning is 4 feet under ground?

a Rebus

What animal has the longest nerve cells?

about 4 feet

What are some slogans in Animal Farm?

"4 feet good 2 feet bad"

Definition of an animal with 4 feet answer is 9 letters and ends in ped?

An animal having four feet is a quadruped which means four-footed or having four feet.

What do you called a 4 leged animal?

You call it a starfish on the moon.

An animal with no feet?

an animal with no feet is a earthworm

How tall is this animal?

depending on what animal ur talkiung bout most animals range from 2 - 5 feet if ur talking bout a animal with four legs a animal with 2 is usually 4 - 6 feet tall!

What is a 4 footed animal called?

An animal that has four legs is called a quadruped, quad meaning 4 and ped meaning foot. Similarly, an animal that has two feet are called a biped.

Which animal is the largest?

You can say which is the biggest land or sea animal. For a sea animal, the blue whale, at 100 feet long and over 100 tons. As a land animal, the Elephant, at 8 and 1/4 tons and 23 feet long.

What do you call the feet of an arboreal animal?

This depends on the development of the creatures feet. For birds they are called feet. For tree shrews and koala bears they are called paws for lemurs, monkeys and apes they are called hands and feet.

What animal can see all 4 of its feet?

A Cow can see all four of its feet if it turns its head to one side or another.

What is the animal that will go to mountain with 4 feet and go down with 3?

they are moutain lion,s

What do you call a dinosaur that walks on 4 legs?

There is no particular classification for 4-legged dinosaurs. Any 4-legged animal is a quadruped.

What is an animal with four feet called?

an animal

What do you call someone who works in a animal shelter?

You would call them an animal caretaker or animal handler.

What do you call someone who work in a animal shelter?

You would call them an animal caretaker or animal handler.

What do you call a cold blooded animal?

What do you call a animal that has cold blood

How many feet is 4 feet?

Feet and feet are the same measurement. Therefore, 4 feet is equal to 4 feet.

What do you call people who eat feet?

Normal people, although in differing regions and countries, eat pigs' feet (trotters), chicken feet and other types of animal feet. Various types of animal feet are eaten or used in making stocks. Those who eat them are not called by any special name. On the Lighter Side: Although, to coin a term, how about Pedivore? Tootsievore?

Do turtles have feet?

Whatever you want to call them. Personally I call them feet anyway !

What do you call an animal that has no tail?

an animal with no tail?