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It is a Quadroped.

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Q: What do you call a animal with 4 feet?
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What do you call an animal with two feet the answer begins with b?


A animal that has 4 feet and starts with a?


What do you call this ground feet feet feet feet meaning is 4 feet under ground?

a Rebus

Definition of an animal with 4 feet answer is 9 letters and ends in ped?

An animal having four feet is a quadruped which means four-footed or having four feet.

What do you call an animal with no feet?

Its called a pentrotolady also known as a footless

What do you called a 4 leged animal?

You call it a starfish on the moon.

How tall is this animal?

depending on what animal ur talkiung bout most animals range from 2 - 5 feet if ur talking bout a animal with four legs a animal with 2 is usually 4 - 6 feet tall!

What is a 4 footed animal called?

An animal that has four legs is called a quadruped, quad meaning 4 and ped meaning foot. Similarly, an animal that has two feet are called a biped.

What does bipedalism mean?

The word biped is a noun. A biped is an animal that goes around on two feet.

What is the animal that will go to mountain with 4 feet and go down with 3?

they are moutain lion,s

Shortest animals or species in Asia?

idk but there is an animal with feet so small that all 4 of them can fit on a penny

What do you call a 4 legged animal?

Any four legged animal is a quadruped. Man is a biped or bipedal, because he walks upright on just two legs.