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A vertex (plural: vertices or vertexes) is the point of intersection of lines (like the 'corners' of a 3D shape). A corner is the same but where only two lines are intersecting.

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Q: What do you call a corner of a 3D shape?
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This 3d shape has a corner on a shape?

Many 3d shapes have a corner.

What 3d shape a corner on a shape?

Any polyhedron.

3d shape with a corner on a shape?

Possibly a cone

A corner on a 3D shape?

is it a vertex

What 3d shape is a corner of a 3d shape?

The question is not particularly clear but I suspect that the answer is a vertex.

Which 3d shape has a corner on it?

Cuboid would be an example.

Sides and vertices?

sides are the face of a 3d shape and verticies are the corner of the shape

What is corner on a 3d shape called?

It is called a vertex.

What are vercities?

a vercitie is a corner of a 3d shape such as a cube or a cuboid

Who many corners does a sphere has?

I just want to say that no 3D shape has corners, they have vertices (singular vertex), which is what you might call a corner, but this is the correct terminology.A sphere has no corners (as it is 3D), but it also has no vertices.

What is a corner on a 3d shape?

They are called a Vertices and it is where 2 edges meet.

What is the name of a 90 degree corner on a 3D shape?

A right angle.