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Q: What do you call a guy that is in touch with his feminine side but is straight?
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What does metrosextual mean?

a man too in touch with his feminine side.

Is marylin Manson gay?

No he was married to a woman but he certainly is in touch with his feminine side.

Is the lady bug out of bugs life a girl?

No, but he gets in touch with his feminine side.

Is Lionel Richie Gay?

If he's not, he's definitely in touch with his feminine side...

What are the release dates for Closet Genius - 2013 Kristen Get in Touch with Your Feminine Side 1-5?

Closet Genius - 2013 Kristen Get in Touch with Your Feminine Side 1-5 was released on: USA: 28 February 2013

What does it mean if a guy cried infront of his girl friend?

It could mean that he is in touch with his emotions or his feminine side.

What is Athena's weeknsses?

Athena's weaknesses: ruled by her head & out of touch with her emotions & feminine side. unapproachable & lacking in compassion.

Are boys like girls gay?

Boys who act feminine are not always gay. They can just be in touch with their feminine side. Sometimes they are gay but even if they are then people should just accept them for who they are.

If a guy says he is in touch with his feminine side is he gay?

No, he is only gay if he says he's sexually attracted to other guys.

What do you call a shape with two straight sides and one curved side?

It could be a cylinder

What do you call a line that crosses the centre of a circle from 1 side to the other?

Such a line, if it is straight, is a diameter.

What is Tokio Hotel sexual orentation?

They are all straight men, and even though their feminine side shows through sometimes, it doesn't make them gay.

Do all guys have a feminine side?


Your boyfriend watches HGTV and has very feminine hands Should you be worried that he is gay?

A lot of straight men these days have gay characteristics. If he is lazy like most of the younger generation is these days then his hands will not have been subjected to the elements. As for watching the HGTV channel. Well he may just be getting in touch with his feminine side. Most younger men these days have gay tendencies,it doesn't mean he will act on them.

How do you delete a game on the i touch?

it's call iPod touch... and you delete a game by touching the game and holding until an x appears on the upper left side of the app, touch the x and the game should be gone.

What is the difference between American and Australian?

I would say the American people are much more emotional and in touch with their feminine side while the Australian people are much more tough.

What arm do straight guys get an armband tattoo on?

This is a myth. There is no gay side or straight side.

What does it mean to call someone Elmo?

when you call someone Elmo that means you are calling someone Elmo off of sesamie street. YEAH, that's it! If you are under 7 years old and watch BIG BIRD...... The term ELMO is assigned to younger GAY men who are more feminine, or in touch with their feminine side than your average male. The ELMO'S in this instance are known to have a higher pitched voice that men of their age. SO MUCH FOR THE SESAME STREET THEORY.......

Why does it hurt when you touch the left side of your head?

it doesn't hurt at all when I touch the left side of my head.

When your head burns on left side and it hurts bad when i touch it?

Touch it on the right side, it's out of balance.

How do you turn on the iPod touch speaker?

you can turn on the side of the ipod touch.

Can you call any 8 side shape an octagon?

No not just any shape that has 8 side can be called an octagon. An octagon has straight lines that make up a closed bounded shape.

What is a ruler or any object with a straight side called?

A straight edge

Can a polygon have a straight line that extends off a straight side?


What do you call a side of a square?

you usually just call it a side.