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Q: What do you call a handle on a bucket?
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What is a handle on a bucket called?

A handle on a bucket is called a bail.

Do the ribs move inward or outward?

Neither, they move up and down rather like a bucket handle. When the handle is "up" as in when you are carrying the bucket there is a big space under the curve of the handle. When the bucket is down and the handle is lying on the side of the bucket there is no space under the handle - that is how your ribs work.

What is the squeeze part of the mop bucket called and where can I find a replacement of this?

The squeeze part of the mop bucket is just called a handle bucket. to find a replacement you would have to call your mop buckets manufacturer and ask if you could obtain a replacement bucket.

What do you call a bucket that looks sick?

You call it a French Bucket or your face

What do you call a bucket?


What is a bucket?

A bucket is a rigid container, often with a handle, used to carry liquid or small items, or the contents of this container.

Who can I call to rent a bucket truck?

LIFTRENTALS.COM Will have the bucket truck and other equipment if needed

Description of a bucket?

The definition of a bucket is an open container or deep cylindrical vessel that has a flat bottom, with a handle that is used to hold and carry liquids. A bucket can be made of plastic, metal, or wood.

What do you call a light coloured bucket?


What do you call a light-coloured bucket?


What do you call a light colored bucket?

A light-colored bucket would be called a pale pail.

What do you call a light-colored bucket?

A light-colored bucket would be called a pale pail.

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