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You call them principal square roots.

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Q: What do you call nonnegative square roots?
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What do you call the nonnegative square root?

The principal square root.

The nonnegative square root of a number?

The unique nonnegative square root of a nonnegative real number. For example, the principal square root of 9 is 3, although both -3 and 3 are square roots of 9.

Why are the properties of square roots only possible with nonnegative numbers?

Square roots of negative numbers ARE possible. I guess you haven't been introduced to "imaginary numbers" and the letter "i".

What is the symbol used to represent the nonnegative square roots of a number?

There are no explicit symbols. The non-negative square toot is called the principal square root.

Is a nonnegative square root called a principal square root?


What is the nonnegative square root?

Every positive real number has two square roots: one negative and one positive. As a result, the square root mapping is one-to-many and so is not a mathematical function. One way to make it a function is to restrict the range to non-negative real numbers. These are the non-negative square roots.

What do you call a number with integer square roots?

a perfect square

What do you call a number that has integers as its square roots?

Perfect Square

What is equal to two equals factors of my nonnegative number?

The square root.

What is a radical sign?

The symbol used to indicate a nonnegative square root.

What is one of two equal factors of a nonnegative number called?

The square root

What do you call integers as their square roots?

Are you talking about negative powers.