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Q: What do you call something multiply by four?
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What is a word for when you multiply by four?

When you multiply something by four, you quadrupleit.

How do you find thirty-four percent of something?

Multiply by 0.34

What do you call 7 times something?

If you multiply something by seven, you septuple it. If something is seven times as much as the original, it has increased sevenfold.

What is the difference between negative 4 squared and negative four squared in parenthesis?

Because in parenthesis you have to multiply it by something.

Multiply by four?


Is two eighths equivlent to four twelfths?

no, it equals four sixteenths if you want the top to be will have to be multiply by 2 or what you want to multiply it by.remember;multiply both by the same number j.g

When you multiply something by this you get 1 what is this?

It is the multiplicative inverse (of the something).

Why do you multiply when doing volume?

you multiply when you are finding the volume of something is because that is how you find how much space something takes

What are divisible by four and two?

any thing you can multiply by two and four

Why do you get an even number when you multiply by four?

because four is an even number

How do you send a int variable to method which has return type double?

When you send an int variable to a method, you do so in the method call, for example if you are calling the method Multiply with an int value, Multiply better be set up to accept an int value: public static double Multiply(int a) { //do something //return a double } In the above code, even though you return a double, you accept an int to be passed in from the method call, something like: Multiply(83); but calling Multiply(83.0); would give you an error. The data input types for a method and the return type are totally separate.

What is three multiply by negative four?